Exfoliation Treatment

Massage and Body Treatments

Swedish Massage

Traditional swedish massage techniques to relax and relieve tension. Performed at your desired pressure to ease aching muscles, stiffness and eliminate toxins in the body.

60 min | $100

Ultimate Relaxation Massage

Take the time for the ultimate relaxation massage. An hour and a half of beautiful flowing movement to eliminate stress and let your body slip away into pure relaxation.

90 min | $150

Indian Head Massage

Dissolve the stresses of everyday life and revive your mind with an invigorating and relaxing scalp massage. Focusing on the neck, face and scalp this is perfect to increase circulation, reduce stress and relieve tension headaches.

20 min |  $50

Pregnancy Massage

Suitable for 2nd and 3rd trimester only. 

Let your therapist tailor make a massage especially for you to ease your aching body and restore your energy levels. A beautifully relaxing and gentle massage that will help release stress, tension and swelling, to leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

60 min | $100

Spa Senses Botanical Draining Circulatory Program- Relax Cure

Stimulating circulation while liberating the body from tiredness and limbs from the sensation of heaviness, the relax cure journey uses the arctic body wrap for absolute comfort and relaxation. Promoting and increasing blood flow and capillary strength, the combined actives and therapeutic powers of blueberries, mint and eucalyptus have an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action.

*Please note the body wrap is cool

45 min | $90

Add on: 30 min massage | $135

Add on: 60 min massage | $175

Aromatherapy Massage

Relax, unwind and enjoy. Let your body slip away into total relaxation with a massage tailored specifically for you using the benefits of essential oils to create an individual experience.

60 min | $100

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Release all upper body stress. This massage focuses on the tightest part of your body. Let your therapist melt away tension and pain in your back, neck and shoulders.

30 min | $65

Hot Stone Massage

This indulging massage will send your mind, body and soul to a heavenly place. Traditional massage is already the ultimate form of relaxation but when combined with the head of volcanic basalt stones placed on key points of your body you will drift into a world of pure bliss.

45 min | $80

75 min | $120

Spa Senses Gemo Thermal Revitalising Program- Sapphire Experience

Unwind with a soothing foot soak infused with a thermal spring concentrate while we gently help transition you to a world of relaxation. The treatment continues by re-invigorating and revitalising your body with a gentle exfoliation using thermal salts from concentrated springs. A silky sapphire body mask is applied, sparkling with Sapphires and infusing vitamins to the skin. The experience is then finished off with a soul soothing massage using fluorite gemstones with a malachite infused oil. Leaving your skin silky smooth , intensely hydrate and luminous. 

60 min | $155

Add on: 30 min massage | $200

Add on: 60 min massage | $240

Orange Peeling Full Body Scrub

Peeling cream that renews and smoothes the skin. With amazing hydration properties and the mixture of orange, apricot, grape and lychee particles it leaves the skin perfectly cleansed and renewed. With a pleasant texture and aromatic properties, this body exfoliant aims to carry you away to a whole world of sensations.

30 min | $80

Add on: 30 min massage | $125

Add on: 60 min massage | $165

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